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Walkerville play Playford in Div 2 North at home on Wednesday

Come out and cheer on the team if you can.

Div 2 ladies lost prelim final to Payneham last Thursday and Saturday 5 East went down to Millswood, Div 6 East out in semis, but congratulations everyone. To play in the final series is a great effort by all, well done!

We will also host grandfinals at Walkerville on Wednesday 5 April, so come out and watch.

Wednesday 29-Mar-23 prelim final
Lead Second Third Skip
Div 2 North Playford at Walkerville
pairs Alan Murphy Peter Canala
triples Peter Nutter Len Frankham Graham Roper
triples Ali Bayraktar Steve Darzins David Darzins
fours Guido Innamorati Peter Gray Stewart Loch Brian Lines
fours Mark Prater Richard Murrie David Thorn Lewis Graham