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Wednesday Teams 13th March 2024

2 North Away to Kensington-Marryatville 1

Lead S Darzins M Prater P Gray A Bayraktar L Frankham
second V Pavia A Murphy
Third S Loch D Thorn J Boccaccio G Chirico
Skip D Darzins L Grahan G Roper B Lines P Canala

4 East Away to Kensington-Marryatville 3

Lead P Purcell G Innamorati B Walton
Second B Butler I Hart S Collins
Third G Baryczka C Menzies N Owen
Skip B Curtis B Hardacre S Woolford

4 Central Away to Payneham 4

Lead J Hibbottson B Waye Payneham Sub
Second H Nash Payneham Sub Payneham Sub
Third K Naughton Payneham Sub Payneham Sub
Skip R Shute S Stubbs Payneham Sub

Thursday Team 14th March 2024

2 North

First Final

Second Selection Will be done on Tuesday

1pm Start Saturday Teams 16-03-2024

3 North Semi-final playing Westlakes 2 at Playford Bowling Club

Lead A Bayraktar B Joseph R Bahr G Innamorati
Second L Frankham D Thorn S Loch G Chirico
Third P Canala L Graham S Darzins J Boccaccio
Skip G Roper A Dickson D Darzins B Lines

5 East Semi-final playing Trinity Gardens 1 at Trinity Gardens Bowling Club

Lead J Lukas I Agostino D Solagna T Cain
Second A Murphy D Stephanos P Gray N Kiss
Third R Scholefield N Owen G Baryczka S Woolford
Skip T Moon N O’Hara B Curtis D Stephenson
Saturday 6E & 7E have finished their Matches for the Season
but can go and support our 3N or 5E in their Semi Final games

Rd 8 Sun 7th April Super Challenge Team

Next Match Rd 8 Walkerville vs Hawthorn at Somerton Bowling Club

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Second Will send out when picked
Reserves for Super Challenge