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Hi Everyone, the days are getting longer and there’s lots happening so a newsletter to keep you up to date.

Firstly, our club members are our best advertising in continuing to build a welcoming and strong club. Please invite others to come and join us: pennant and social players, night-owlers, friends who perhaps haven’t yet discovered the fun of lawn bowls. Don’t leave recruiting new members to someone else. Every Friday from 22 September there will be Come ‘N Try Lawn Bowls sessions from 1-2pm, incorporating free coaching into the club Friday afternoon practice. Come ‘N Try will be advertised in the Town of Walkerville quarterly newsletters distributed to every household.  Please make newcomers welcome.

The new shade arbours and landscaping taking shape promise to further enhance our picturesque surrounds. A huge thank you from us all to John (Hibbottson), Sam and helpers for their wonderful work. Thank you too to all our volunteers, who just make so many things happen around the club, all year. The sense of ownership and pride in our club makes Walkerville successful, and such a special place to be.

Pennant Dates for your diary:

Saturday 14 Oct – 16 Dec 13 Jan 24 – Grand final 23 Mar 24

Wednesday 18 Oct – 13 Dec 10 Jan 24 – Grand final 3 Apr 24 (after Easter)

Thursday 19 Oct – 14 Dec 11 Jan 24 –  Grand final 28 Mar 24

Night owls 12 Oct – 14 Dec 11 Jan 24 – 21 Mar 24 Good Friday is 29 Mar 24

There will be no Wednesday matches on 31 Jan 24 (men’s country carnival)

Club tournaments: it’s likely early rounds will all be played on the same day, with a club BBQ or similar, to add some family fun and conviviality.

For those who haven’t already completed one at the club, the season registration form is attached. Please ensure the Club has up to date information, especially with regard to competition participation and emergency contacts, as soon as possible. MBA team nominations are shortly required. 

Subscriptions expire 31 Aug and renewals are now due please. $315 full member $50 social member

Matches can’t happen without officials and the club has need of more. A measurer’s course could be run at Walkerville with 8-10 participants. Please consider enhancing your knowledge and skill by nominating for this short course (to Trish please).  An umpire qualification course is to be held over two Sundays, 27 Aug and 4 Sep, the best way to develop understanding of the game.

Please advise of any uniform requirements ASAP in order to ensure sizing availability can be met.

Single use plastics can no longer be used. Please add your own cup or water bottle to your bowls bag.

Afternoon tea for Open Gender Pennant play on Saturdays: it is suggested that this season Walkerville adopt the practice of many other clubs, namely one rink will be rostered to make sandwiches on the Saturday morning of a home match once during the season. The sandwich fillings will be simplified, two half sandwiches will be served in a paper bag. It’s not an onerous task and, with co-operation, will contain costs. The alternative of a catering cost would necessitate price rise.

Support with social functions and club hire: Revenue from the hire of our clubhouse and greens, takings over the bar are an essential supplement to our membership fees. Please don’t be shy in volunteering to help in whatever way you are able around the club. Everyone has talents, many hands share the load and makes bowling enjoyable for all. 


At present the greens are used for our Tuesday social competition only. It has again been a wet winter. Please comply with greenkeeper closure of greens or rinks to avoid surface damage. Even after notification has been given that greens are available, please avoid morning play on wet greens. Let them dry out first.

Practice times Ladies: Tues 10-11am Club practice: Friday from 1pm

Players are encouraged to attend practice with their teams. Individual practice is permitted at other times, provided matches are not in progress, but please note: Greens are not available for play Mondays and sprinklers may be turned on remotely after 5pm on Sundays.

Trial Games:

Thursday 28 Sep Walkerville will play Toorak Burnside 10am start at Walkerville. All available players from both clubs will be arranged into teams on the day. Uniforms are not required. Walkerville ladies will elect their selectors at the conclusion of play. Practice will then be Thursdays until reverting to Tuesdays from 17 October, before the first match on 19 October.

Saturday 7 October 12 pm at home v Payneham in uniform

Wednesday 11 October 12 pm away v Payneham in uniform 


Walkerville Council has held two special meetings recently. The second was a Special Council Public Meeting on Thursday 29 June as part of the public consultation process of the Draft 2023/24 Annual Business Plan & Budget. President Richard Murrie and Secretary Trish Cain were in attendance, representing the Walkerville Bowling & Community Club. 

As the result of discussions after this meeting, (incoming CEO included) and storm damage to existing shade structures, it is expected that installation of seating and shade structures on B green will be brought forward to precede the coming season, and that the redevelopment is now likely to be a staged project, with different timing for the Smith St and Warrick St buildings.

Walkerville Oval Redevelopment: The following public minute was released after a special meeting of Walkerville Council on 26 June 23 

CNC349/22-23 Moved: Cr Nenke Seconded: Cr Trotter Recommendation (Public) 

  1. That Council receive and note the Walkerville Oval Redevelopment Update & South Australia Finance Authority Communication report. 
  2. That as a result of the recent estimated project costings of $15.0m (up from the original project estimates of $8.0m), Council determines to defer any further action in relation to CNC95/22-23 of 17 October 2022 until such time that the newly appointed CEO Mr Andrew MacDonald undertakes a review of the Walkerville Oval redevelopment, which is to be brought back to Council no later than 30 November 2023. 
  3. That Council direct Administration to advise the Design Team that the Walkerville Oval redevelopment has been deferred until further notice. 
  4. That Mayor Melissa Jones write to the South Australian Finance Authority and the Member for Adelaide Lucy Hood MP advising: 
  5. of Council’s decision to defer any further progress on the Walkerville Oval redevelopment project pending a review to return to Council by 30 November 2023; 
  6. that Council remains committed to proceeding with the Walkerville Oval redevelopment whether in its current design, or a revised design, or a refurbished design; 
  7. that Council requests an extension of time due to the appointment of the incoming CEO and Council’s desire to undertake a full review of this major project; 
  8. that Council will provide further correspondence to the South Australian Finance Authority upon completion of the CEO’s review, no later than 20 December 2023. CARRIED

The complete document has since been released from confidence and can be read in the link below, taken from the Town of Walkerville record of minutes of Council Meetings

SCNC06A-Special-Council-Agenda-26-June-2023-PUBLIC-updated.pdf (