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You’ll hear different phrases and bowls terms used in different clubs:

  • A jack is also known as a cot, the pill, the dolly, kitty or the white

  • A bowl is known as a wood

  • The ditch can also be referred to as the gully, trench or bin

  • The rinks are also called the greens or the blue

  • A heavy bowl is known as the drive, a fire, a dam buster or a slam

  • To draw or touch the jack is a toucher or kiss

  • Grass is also known as land

And here are some bowls sayings you will hear:

  • Head is the term for bowls that have come to rest after being delivered

  • Bias – every bowl has bias. Bowls are designed to travel a curved path because of a weight bias in the shape of the bowl. A bowler determines the bias direction of the bowl in his hand by a symbol on one side

  • Touchers are bowls that hit the jack and are then marked with chalk, and remain alive even if they are in the ditch

  • Play a draw – roll the ball as close to the jack as possible

  • Play a yard on shot – arrive with a yard of weight and move jack back five feet

  • Tactical bowl – round the back to prevent dropping a count.

  • Blocker – drop one short of head and block opponent and the path of the intended target

  • Running wood – take out a bowl and stop in place

  • Trail the jack – play a bowl in order to move the jack to another position on the rink

  • Take it out – an instruction to a bowler to bowl with sufficient pace to push an opponent’s bowl away

  • Short bowl – a bowl that has not been delivered with sufficient pace to reach its objective

  • Heavy bowl – where a bowl has been delivered with too much pace and will end beyond its objective

  • Pace or weight – the amount of force with which the bowl is delivered to execute a particular shot

  • Live bowl – any bowl that comes to rest within the rink and is acceptable under the conditions of the game, or any toucher in the ditch